Roseland Consulting LLC
Roseland Consulting LLC

  • Our Process


    A Current State Assessment and Analysis is completed to identify strengths, gaps (blind spots), and improvement opportunities.


    The Design phase identifies strategic possibilities through brainstorming, bench-marking, and exploring evidenced based best practice. 


    In the Delivery phase we build an actionable plan, pulling everything together, and aligning people, process and systems to mission, vision, values and strategy. 

    Our Approach


    Cookie cutter is good, when it works. And, working the square peg into a round hole takes finesse. We partner with you to adapt, and create quality solutions to drive performance excellence. 


    Timely and sound.   

    Our commitment is to partner with you to identify the right quality solution that makes sense for your situation, and address your needs. 


    One Size does not fit all. 

    My expertise is to ensure solutions can be successfully implemented, based on your available resources - financial, people, systems. 

    Our Services include...


    Strategy serves as the competitive game plan.

    A great strategy focuses organizational resources on what not 

    to do in order to deliver on the mission and drive the vision. 

    Key Areas:

    • Strategy Development, Planning, Innovation, Objectives
    • Strategy Implementation, Action Plan Development, Deployment and Modification


    Leadership is action. 

    Effective Leaders align mission, vision, values, and strategy to motivate and sustain high performance. 

    Key Areas: 

    • Setting Vision and Values  
    • Communication Architecture / Plan
    • Mission and Organizational Performance 
    • Leadership Development

    Customer Experience

    Customer Experience is HOW a customer perceives their 

    interactions with an organization, including the brand. 

    Key Areas: 

    • Employee Engagement 
    • Customer Satisfaction & Engagement
    • Customer Requirements
    • Relationship Management 
    • Service Recovery / Complaint Management


    A Brand is your story - It's what you're all about 

    and why you exist. 

    Key Areas: 

    • Brand Audit / Architecture
    • Marketing Plan
    • Brand Loyalty | Service Excellence
    • Community Relations  | Business Development